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FREE Water Testing

Take the guess work out of balancing your swimming pool’s water chemistry, bring us a water sample (at least 2 cups) and let our trained staff test it for you.

Great Range of Products

We offer the most extensive range of high-quality pool and spa products, showcasing a variety of top-tier brands, specifically catering to the needs of customers in the Bundaberg and Wide Bay regions of Australia.

Locally Owned & Operated

With over 25 years of industry experience, we are a professional and knowledgeable business, providing our clients with in-store exceptional sales and service experience.

Free Water Testing

At Skye Pools we offer free water testing services to our clients to help them maintain a healthy and safe pool. Our team of experts use state-of-the-art equipment to analyse the chemical balance of the pool water, and based on the results, we offer customised solutions to keep the pool water healthy and balanced. Regular water testing helps prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and algae, and also prevents damage to pool equipment and surfaces caused by imbalanced chemicals. By offering free water testing services, Skye Pools helps our clients save time and money while ensuring a safe and enjoyable swimming experience.

Pool Cleaning

Our pool store carries an extensive selection of cleaning products to keep your pool and spa looking great. Our inventory includes both suction and robotic cleaners, along with a range of spa chemicals to ensure your water stays balanced and free of harmful bacteria. In addition to cleaning products, we also offer a variety of pool toys to keep your family entertained. For a relaxing soak, we carry Dead Sea mineral salts and Magna pool salt, both of which offer unique benefits for your skin and overall well-being. No matter what your pool or spa needs, we have the products to help you maintain a sparkling clean and healthy aquatic environment.

Pool Pumps & Parts

At Skye Pools, we take a personalised approach to our pool pump and parts services. Our knowledgeable team is available to offer guidance and advice to help you choose the right product for your pool. We carry a wide range of trusted brands, and if we don’t have what you’re looking for, we can quickly order it for you. We understand the importance of timely pool repairs, and we’re committed to providing efficient service to ensure your pool system is running smoothly.

Pool Accssories

Looking to take your pool experience to the next level? Skye Pools has got you covered! We offer a wide variety of pool accessories to help you make the most of your pool all year round. Whether you want to lounge on a giant inflatable unicorn or play a game of pool basketball, we’ve got everything you need to make a splash!

Skye Pools

Australia’s most advanced mineral pool system.

Structural Warranty

You can trust that your new swimming pool to be backed by anaward-winning quality of our fibreglass pools and is backed by a Skye Pools structural warranty.

Superior Construction Materials

We don’t skimp on the quality of our materials or methods. Skye Pools manufacture our swimming pools using superior grade eco-friendly fibreglass and gelcoats.

100% Aussie Owned

Skye Pools swimming pools are locally owned and manufactured in Australia. It’s true blue Australian quality that continues to deliver in quality pools.

Pool Protection

Protect your family from up to 99% of harmful bacteria with Eco-pure™️ and cut down on chemicals. This revolutionary microbial inhibitor is included in all Skye Pools gelcoat finishes.

Quality Assurance

All our fibreglass pools are manufactured to Australian Standards so this means that you can rely on the quality of all Skye Pools.


Fade Resistant

Skye Pools’ fibreglass swimming pools are coated with MarbleTech™️, a fade-resistant material that provides a luxurious marble appearance while maintaining long-lasting durability, ensuring your pool retains its aesthetic appeal.

Trusted Brands

Skye Pools